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Sweet & Clean Romance Reviews:

HER SUMMER PRINCE (A  Bliss Cay Novella, book 2)

(Verified Goodreads & Kindle User)  The author had me hooked from the very first page. The way they meet and how they both have such deep feelings even after so many years. The characters are fantastic and so full of life. Their backstories and dilemmas fill out the story with a little suspense as to what will happen within the monarchy. A little boy is in awe at everything in his life and is a bright ray of sunshine to everyone around him. Brothers have a closer than ever bond and their staff is truly family in a sense. Can not wait to read more from this author.

(Verified Goodreads & Kindle User)  And she did it again!

This is the second book in the Bliss Cay Series and my third sweet clean romance book by this author and she keeps getting better!

♥Perfect quick summer read!
♥Fairytale feels!

Prince Harry goes to Bliss Cay on holiday where he meets Charlotte. Their connection is instant, and Harry knows that Charlotte is special—the kind of woman you will never forget. But tragedy strikes, and Harry is suddenly called away, leaving Charlotte heartbroken.

While Charlotte has no choice but to carry on with her life, Harry’s journey to find his way back to sweet Charlotte has just begun.

This feel-good second chance HEA has ALL the feels and makings of a Hallmark love story!

If you prefer clean romance with an endearing cast and compelling plot be sure to pick up ‘Her Summer Prince’ by Freda Ann.

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SUMMER IN BLISS (A Bliss Cay Novella, book 1)

(Verified Kindle User)  This book put a smile on my face. I love a good romance with a happy ending. Summer in Bliss was well thought out with a sly little twist at the end. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

(Verified Goodreads & Kindle User)  Mia Everly is an independent career woman with a bit of an attitude, and you can’t help but love her for it! But beneath the surface, her traumatic past hasn’t left her unscathed.

It all comes bubbling up to the surface on her vacation to Bliss Cay when she meets handsome single father Dash Stevens and his sweet 8-year-old daughter Allie.

Dash’s persistence in helping Mia uncover the truth of her past pain sends Mia on a path that she always avoided, but she realizes that her true happiness lays in confronting her fears head-on.

With an endearing cast of characters, a gripping plot, and a touching romance, this book had me totally engrossed. But what I love most about this romance is the uplifting message at its heart, if Mia can overcome her past pain and draw strength from it, then anyone can.

If you’re looking for a well-written, touching sweet romance then look no further!

(Verified Kindle User)  This was not a really long book, but managed to have quite a bit of meat to it. A woman severely injured in her apt fire, has not really gotten over it mentally. Goes to an island to try to calm her mind and try to learn and accept what actually happened. She meets a fireman and his daughter and they all enjoy each other’s company. He convinces her she needs to learn all of the facts about the fire, before she will be more accepting. Even though it was not a long book, it covered all of the events interestingly and managed to have a very happy ending. I hope to read more by this author, especially if they are in this same series or genre.

(Verified Kindle User)  If you are looking for a sweet, easy, feel-good story to read beach or poolside, look no further. The story of Mia and Dash is the perfect summer romance. I definitely recommend adding this book to your summer reading list.

(Verified Kindle User)  I really enjoyed this one. It’s a sweet, fun make you feel good story. It comes with some unexpected twists. I loved Dash’s daughter. She’s adorable and has such a big heart. Mia goes to Bliss to re-evaluate what path she wants to take in life. She has to come to terms with her past and her unexpected neighbors may be just what she needs. Dash is a single dad and that’s what sold me on this book. I’m so glad I did read this one. First book by this author and it won’t be my last. I’m looking forward to more from this series. I like the small town beach setting of Bliss.


(Verified Goodreads & Kindle User)  I don’t normally read clean romance. But Christmas in Twinkle Falls really got me. Perfect holiday read. It was like a warm hug. I just wanted to snuggle on the couch and read with hot chocolate and sugar cookies. This book tugged at my heart strings and totally made me smile throughout. All the Hallmark Christmas feels and I loved it! Definite recommend.

(Verified Goodreads & Kindle User)  If you love Christmas you are going to love this wonderful sweet Christmas romance! It’s hard to imagine a more perfect town than Twinkle Falls, especially at Christmas time. It feels like it’s straight from a movie! Single mom Sophie Beck has a bakery, Angel cakes that she runs with her bestie Bridgette. The tragic death of her husband has left her and the kids reeling, especially around Christmas time which used to be their favorite time of the year. She’s given up on romance as she doesn’t feel she can ever have another man other than her Jamie—until she meets Liam James. Liam, who has taken a break from active duty goes to visit Twinkle Falls for the holidays. In an attempt to get his mind off his experiences in the Air Force, he decides to take up volunteering at the local Pet Rescue where he meets Sophie.
After a somewhat tense first meeting, they go their separate ways, but as with any small town, you are bound to run into someone around every corner.
Although it’s pretty clear from the start that there’s a spark and everyone cheers for them, both of them have a fair share of baggage which makes for an emotional rollercoaster of a read.
Freda has done an outstanding job in creating a warm heartfelt romance that will bring tears of joy and a warm Christmas feeling in your heart.
If you love Christmas then this sweet holiday romance set in a picturesque small town is for you!

(Verified Goodreads & Kindle User)  This Christmas romance is adorable!
The cuteness of the main couple is endearing.
They were a perfect match! Of course it’s not plain sailing, but the misunderstandings are soon smoothed out, resulting in a very satisfying ending.
I thought that Liam was great. Everything he did was perfection, and his caring nature was so lovely to read.
I even fell in love with the location. Twinkle Falls sounds so picturesque and the friendly vibe had me wanting to jump straight in the story to experience it for myself.

(Verified Goodreads & Kindle User)  If you’re looking for Christmas-perfect hot chocolate, snowman building, holiday decorating, falling in love despite yourself sweet, clean romance you’ll find it in Twinkle Falls. I’m not really one for super sweet, clean romance, but if that’s your thing then this is absolutely the story for you! It even has cute kids, puppies, and cupcakes. What more could you ask for?

(Verified Goodreads User)  Sophie and Liam must overcome their doubts and issues in order to give each other a chance in this warm, uplifting holiday romance. A good, cozy read!

(Verified Goodreads User)  This story reminded me of a Hallmark movie, which I have been devouring plenty of every Christmas for the last 2 or 3 years. It was a sweet story, although perhaps a little too sweet? I did enjoy the setting, the premise, and the fact that it was a clean read. I also felt for Sophie, a widow still not quite over the loss of her husband, and Liam with his PTSD. I was rooting for them to get together!

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Contemporary Romance Reviews:

LOVE’S DESIRE (Jacques & Layla’s Story), Book 3 of The Hawaii Series.

(Final book in the series.)

Version 2
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(Verified Goodreads & Kindle User)  Love’s Desire is a sizzling third book to the Hawaii Series!

Layla Kalani, the native Hawaiian beauty has been promised to Kai, a man of native descent to carry on the family traditions, the same way her parents met and eventually got married. It is what their parents expect of them, but that all changes when she falls into the arms of Jacques, the head-chef Frenchman, who quickly turns her world upside down.

She finds herself caught between respecting her parent’s wishes and following her heart.

Will Layla marry the man chosen for her, or will she take the plunge and pursue a relationship with the handsome Frenchman and possibly lose her family?

The setting is beautiful and the culture very interesting. The story has multiple layers and pulls you in from the start. I really enjoyed Jacques and Layla’s story!

(Verified Goodreads User)  This is the 1st book I’ve read written by Freda Ann; she has done a great job at writing a good book; I can’t wait to read more of her books.

The story line caught my attention at the very beginning and kept me interested throughout the entire book.

I loved the chemistry between the characters.

I received a free copy of this book via booksprout and I’m voluntarily leaving a review.

(Verified Goodreads User)  This is the third book in the series but is the first one I have read. I enjoyed this book it was a good well-written romance and I really liked both Layla and Jacques and thought they were really good together but Layla has been promised to Kai will she follow her heart or marry the man her family has chosen for her.

(Verified Goodreads User)  I got this book through voracious readers only. Its a great read. I finished in over two days. I loved how the relationships developed throughout the book. Its absolutely lovely!

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FINDING FAITH (Stephen & Faith’s Story), Book 2 of The Hawaii Series.

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(Verified Goodreads & Kindle User)  If you like books by Nicholas Sparks and the The Millionaire Matchmaker series, you’ll like this sweet girl meets guy romance of stunning locations. Heat level: medium. When Faith takes a vacay with her best friend Mindy in Hawaii, little does she know she’ll be meeting the man of her dreams, Stephen. A long-distance relationship between a Yoga instructor/ entrepreneur and actor follows until emotions evolve and living place adjustments are made. Drama hits when Stephen is filming in Hawaii and pesky exes is just the beginning. For an actor, Stephen was way normal and I liked how the author worked media coverage manipulation into the story and Faith’s yoga and meditation practice into her ordeal. If you’re looking for a light-hearted easy holiday romance to read, this is a good pick. I received this book in an Instagram contest as a prize.

(Verified Goodreads & Kindle User)  In this installment of the Hawaii Series, Freda has created a delicious blend of romance and suspense with all the feels!

Stephen Raine is filming his first lead role in a feature film in Hawaii when he meets Faith Roche.

The chemistry between them is instant and you find yourself rooting for them from the start.

When Stephen gets the part he discovers that he will be working with his ex, the Paparazzi gets hold of the news shedding unwanted attention on his relationship with his ex.

As Stephen tries to protect Faith from his world things turn ugly and when the unthinkable happens he finds himself in a race against the clock to save the woman he loves!

If you like romantic suspense in a beautiful setting with well developed likable characters that will keep you glued to your seat till the end, then this is the book for you!

(Verified Kindle User) Faith and Stephen’s instant sizzling chemistry serves as the foundation for this novel. A beautiful location, malicious forces, and an unexpected twist, left me rooting for Faith and Stephen’s happily ever after. A must read if you enjoy scenes that are simultaneously sexy and sweet. I received an advanced reader’s copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

(Verified Goodreads User)  I just finished Finding Faith (Book 2 in the Hawaii Series) through Voracious Readers Only and I was enthralled through the book. I loved the suspense, the love story, and the ending; however it was a rather fast paced story.
It was a book I would recommend reading.

(Verified Kindle User)  Finding Faith was an enjoyable read with one twist that I didn’t see coming. An easy read.

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FORBIDDEN LOVE (Brandon & Mindy’s Story), Book 1 of The Hawaii Series.

Forbidden Love FC - Final_small

📚 EDITION 2 of the 1st book in the series is available.

(Verified Nook User) I felt like I was in Hawaii reading this very well written book. The characters are so alive and I could feel the emotion written. I thoroughly enjoyed every page, it was a quick read. I would like to meet Brandon on the beach too!!!! Can’t wait for Stephen’s story next!!! HURRY

(Verified Goodreads User) This story hits all the right notes! The setting is amazing and the characters well developed. There’s just the right balance of heat and intrigue to make it a page turner! Freda knows how to keep you on your toes and cheering for the lovers when it feels like all is lost. This is my new auto buy author!

(Verified Kindle User) This romantic story was a heartwarming read. Great characters and a beautiful setting!

(Verified Goodreads User) This is a cute love story that is light-hearted and easy to read. Brandon and Mindy have an easy relationship that is built upon as the book progresses. There are a few misunderstandings in regards to exes but they are quickly figured out which I liked because Brandon and Mindy are clearly meant for each other. A lovely, refreshing summer read.

(Verified Goodreads User) This debut book by Freda Ann had a little bit of everything! Hollywood producer Brandon takes a much needed vacation and becomes spellbound by the sexy Mindy. Sparks fly between the two and they make a lasting connection. But, what is a sexy romance without a little drama and prior baggage? Yep, there’s some of that as well! Overall heartwarming romance where two people are automatically attracted to one another and have to fight through their path to happiness. My one critique about the story would be, I felt there were too many POV’s (with side characters). It was sometimes confusing and I felt the story would have been stronger if the POV was limited to just the two main characters.

(Verified Nook User) Excellent book! So proud of Freda.

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