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Summer in Bliss:

(By K) This was a sweet, clean love story with a fun little twist at the end. As other readers have said, it was just like a Hallmark movie in book form. I won book #3 from a Goodreads giveaway so I purchased this one figuring I would need to start from the beginning. But after learning that they are stand-alone, I will go ahead and skip to the third.

(By PR) I absolutely adored this novella!! It had such a beachy, sunny, holiday vibe!! And the title of the book, is how I felt through quietly reading this summertime story. The author writes about a character who suffers a phobia, has anxiety and weaves her story around this issue, the twist I liked most was, that the character investigated into a particular situation, being proactive, reading more into “what had happened that night that she can’t remember” … unlocking certain revelations. I also enjoyed how Mia talked to Hope like a human being, you will know why once you’ve read this story too.

Definitely a 5 star read. A contemporary Fiction romance and a beaut novella just perfect for summer reading. The fast readers are going to breeze through this, slow readers like myself will cling onto it never wanting the sunshine to end. So there you go, for all love story readers who like a summertime romance story, with a cute dog and cute 8 year old then this is worth pursuing.

(By NJS) Loved it. I want to go & live in Bliss now after reading this. Dash & Mia’s story was so lovely. It had the added bonus of a cute girl & a dog too. What more could you ask for? Loved the twist at the end. Looking forward to reading more.

(By CF) Summer in Bliss is a feel-good, heartfelt romance with a sweet twist!

Mia Everly is an independent career woman with a bit of an attitude, and you can’t help but love her for it! But beneath the surface, her traumatic past hasn’t left her unscathed.

It all comes bubbling up to the surface on her vacation to Bliss Cay when she meets handsome single father Dash Stevens and his sweet 8-year-old daughter Allie. 

Dash’s persistence in helping Mia uncover the truth of her past pain sends Mia on a path that she always avoided, but she realizes that her true happiness lays in confronting her fears head-on.

With an endearing cast of characters, a gripping plot, and a touching romance, this book had me totally engrossed. But what I love most about this romance is the uplifting message at its heart, if Mia can overcome her past pain and draw strength from it, then anyone can.

If you’re looking for a well-written, touching sweet romance then look no further! 

(By N) I really enjoyed this one. It’s a sweet, fun make you feel good story. It comes with some unexpected twists. I loved Dash’s daughter. She’s adorable and has such a big heart. Mia goes to Bliss to re-evaluate what path she wants to take in life. She has to come to terms with her past and her unexpected neighbors may be just what she needs. Dash is a single dad and that’s what sold me on this book. I’m so glad I did read this one. First book by this author and it won’t be my last. I’m looking forward to more from this series. I like the small town beach setting of Bliss.

(By CM) If you want a short novella to ‘fuel’ your good mood, some romance to ‘fire’ up your emotions, and love a ‘smoking hot’ storyline, pick this short read up today! Great fun!!

(By BC) Such a cute, heartwarming book. I did not want to put it down. I’m not a huge fan of romance, but this book had just a touch of mystery that kept me interested.

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Christmas in Twinkle Falls:

(By A)  don’t normally read clean romance. But Christmas in Twinkle Falls really got me. Perfect holiday read. It was like a warm hug. I just wanted to snuggle on the couch and read with hot chocolate and sugar cookies. This book tugged at my heart strings and totally made me smile throughout. All the Hallmark Christmas feels and I loved it! Definite recommend.

(By C) If you like Hallmark Christmas movies, this is the book for you! It has all the usual elements hot chocolate, snow, cute dog, cupcakes, and a small town obsessed by the holidays. Sophie, the widow with two kids, meets a mysterious visitor to town. This was a very pleasant read that I received free from Goodreads and would recommend to anyone that enjoys this genre.

(By JR) The book was excellent was hard to put down the setting was a beautiful small town with a great story line will read books by this
Author again brought the next book will start now. A new favorite author.

(By LP) This Christmas romance is adorable! 
The cuteness of the main couple is endearing. 
They were a perfect match! Of course it’s not plain sailing, but the misunderstandings are soon smoothed out, resulting in a very satisfying ending. 
I thought that Liam was great. Everything he did was perfection, and his caring nature was so lovely to read. 
I even fell in love with the location. Twinkle Falls sounds so picturesque and the friendly vibe had me wanting to jump straight in the story to experience it for myself. 
I don’t usually read clean romance but I’m so glad I picked this one up.

Five stars to Freda Ann for the sweetest book I’ve picked up in a long time.

(By K) Such a sweet, cozy Christmas story set in a small town. Reminded me of a Hallmark movie, yet it was just what I needed this season. 

(By M) I just loved this holiday story. It had a plot that seemed so genuine plus characters that felt like people you know. I would definitely recommend this author!

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Her Summer Prince:

(By JGH) The author had me hooked from the very first page. The way they meet and how they both have such deep feelings even after so many years. The characters are fantastic and so full of life. Their backstories and dilemmas fill out the story with a little suspense as to what will happen within the monarchy. A little boy is in awe at everything in his life and is a bright ray of sunshine to everyone around him. Brothers have a closer than ever bond and their staff is truly family in a sense. Can not wait to read more from this author.

(By EM) Charlotte and Bliss Cay’s story had me turning the pages it’s a quick read! Perfect summer or weekend book; if you like sweet romance novels! I love how after time passed they had a second chance at love! The characters have so much life.Sometimes even with time love persists and it meets again. If you like the hallmark channel you’ll love this book. Thank you for my free review copy I absolutely loved this book!

(By A)

Super Sweet Story!

The writing draws you in and keeps you involved throughout the whole story, I found myself in love with not only the characters but also the world that was created.

The descriptions of the characters and their feelings are so involved, you can truly picture it in your mind.

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(By KW) I am a huge fan of the corny Hallmark movies – bring on Christmas in July and December! Freda Ann writes the perfect novellas that match the Hallmark feel. Sweet, clean and maybe a little corny but I love it. Sometimes you need to read stories that make your heart sigh. 💜 Her Summer Prince is the 2nd book in the Bliss Cay Series and it starts out with Charlotte and Harry meeting and falling fast for each other. Their summer romance takes me back to summer’s with no worries and young romance. Also Kenny Chesney’s song Anything but Mine kept playing through my head (and that takes me back to college – que the heart sigh). Their perfect summer abruptly ends causing heartache to both. It then fasts forward 10 years where they meet again. Will they be able to overcome past hurts? Can they reconnect and love win? What about new obstacles that could stand in their way of being together? A MUST summer read! 💙
Oh! Did I mention Harry is a prince? I do love all books with royalty involved!

(By KH) Amazing book, I loved Charlotte and Harry’s chemistry. This is a love every person dreams of and few actually find. I could not put the book down. I was excited, I felt the love, I was sad, I even got a little mad (the Queen was so stubborn) and then I was hopeful. I was so excited to see the end and I want to know what happens next! Will definitely be getting the next book in the series! 

(By Anonymous) This is the second book in the Bliss Cay series, but it is my first time reading something by this author. It is a sweet and clean romance that captured my attention right from the start. Prince Harry visits Bliss Cay and meets Charlotte and they have an immediate connection. He unfortunately is called away and needs to leave, leaving behind a broken-hearted Charlotte. It’s not until 10 years later they meet again. They will have to get past all those years of hurt before they can move forward. A very charming story with endearing characters, it was an enjoyable book to read. I would love to read more books by this author!

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